Race report

This past Saturday I participated in my second urban race, a stair climbing challenge called WuzUpWidis, and the results are in.  I am a bit disappointed with my time but not as much as I could be considering the circumstances leading up to the race, which were that 1) I had been sick with the flu for a week before the race and 2) I am nursing a severe soleus injury in both legs (more on that later).  I ran 3.45 miles and 1040 total steps in 40:51.2.  To give perspective, the first place finisher completed the course in 26:04 and the first female finisher in 31:24.  In my age group I was 8 of 26.

Here’s a photo of me leading wave 3 (the person in front of me is a cyclist, a volunteer who was guiding the racers through the beginning of the course).


There isn’t a whole lot I could do about the flu (no, I did not have a flu shot and no, I will not in the future) but something must be done about the soleus injury. I rested it for the entire week while I was sick, but the pain was back right after the race.  Since I don’t have a race coming up anytime soon, I’m going to focus on figuring out why I’m having this issue and how to fix it. Stay tuned!

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