Gem-infused Gel Polish

Red Carpet Manicure (RCM) has released a new collection of their gel polish called “Dazzling Gems”, which they advertise are produced with certified precious gems, like emerald in the color called “Emmy-rald Winner” and Opal in “Stealing the Spotlight”.


This new line was inspired by some colors  RCM created for limited edition wear by celebrities, like 2012’s “Amor 24” which contained 24 karat gold dust and was worn by Rihanna, and their 2013 color called “Set in Stone” which was infused with diamond dust and worn by Carly Rae Jepsen to the 55th Annual Grammy Awards. Now, they’re offering different (and more!) colors at a much more affordable price point – $11.99 at your local Ulta.

As you know, I am loyal to Gelish. I have never bought any other gel polish brand.  This might be a game changer, though!

This is the first time I have seen gel polish with precious gems added and offered for retail sale to the public, but infusing regular nail polish with precious metals is nothing new.  Right now you can buy OPI top coat nail polish with 18 K white gold and silver flakes in it called Mariah Carey Pure, which was released in fall 2013 alongside her holiday collection, or Zoya’s Limited Edition “Gilty Pleasures” also with 18K gold flakes in it (but no silver flakes).

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