You’ve likely seen this trend from Ciate and from other bloggers. After finishing my version I realized why the polish should match the flocking powder…


I used one coat of FingerPaints “Well-Cultured Pearl” and then one coat of FingerPaints “Private Collection” on top of that.  Once that was dry, I applied top coat to the entire nails, and used tweezers to pick up globs of flocking powder and press them into the nail.  I used Recollections brand (from Michael’s craft store) black flocking powder.

As I mentioned before, Ciate offers sets of matching nail polish and flocking powder.   The reason that you should use matching shades is that the flocking powder will either not adhere to all parts of the nail, or it will start to fall off gradually, and the polish below will show through the gaps.  If you do what I did, the lighter-colored polish underneath is going to be very visible and it does not look as pretty.  My photographer took this photo immediately after I was done with the design so the flocking hadn’t started to thin out yet, but by the next morning it was very thin.


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