10 new Gelish colors coming this summer!

For summer 2015 Hand and Nail Harmony has once again decided to release two collections. (If you recall, they released Colors of Paradise, which everyone seemed to love, along with the smaller Playin’ It Cool collection, which it seemed like no one even noticed.)  This year the full, main collection is called Hello Pretty!, which Hand and Nail Harmony states was “Inspired by Japanese street style…“.

The colors in this collection are appropriate for summer, and even spring. They are:

Do you Harajaku?

Look at You, Pink-achu!

Amine-zing Color!

Tokyo a Go Go

Pop-arazzi Pose

Manga-round with Me







The smaller collection is called Ooh La La! and it’s composed of feminine and flirty spring colors.

Hand and Nail Harmony advertises that the collection was “inspired by all things elegant and sophisticated...” but I think “cute” when I look at these colors:


Amour Color Please

Cancun We Dance?

Postcards from Paris

Escar-go to France















All these colors are available in both Gelish and Morgan Taylor.



On another note, what do you think of Hand and Nail Harmony’s transition to using funny/clever and thematic names?  Remember when they released the original core Gelish Colors? They used simple names, like “Reserve” and “Twinkle”… I suppose for the collections, using witty thematic names is the way to go. But I do miss the simple color names… especially when I’m swatching and labeling!

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