Review of decorations from

Recently I ordered and tested out some sparkly things from Born Pretty, and I’d like to give you more details on the wear time in case you’re planning on ordering, too.

First, the rhinestones in pearl (not shown) and gold/silver (in the photo below).

winter nail art

The buying experience from Born Pretty Store is generally very good, though shipping can take a bit longer than expected and some of the wording on their site doesn’t make sense to a native English speaker. And, the price for this quantity can’t be beat!  The decorations themselves applied easily with nail glue using the handy rhinestone picker that I got in the same order.  They look great on the nails, as you can see in the photo.  They caught on clothing and other things, and one or two popped off pretty quickly. However, with the quantity you get, you can always easily replace those.  The only issue I had with these is the finish on them. Within a half day the silver paint began to wear away, even though I had top-coated my design with Gelish Top It Off.  I was left with a cream-colored bulb on my nails, which did not look good!  The same was the case for the pearl version of the rhinestones.  For next time, I think I will clear coat the stones twice at time of application, then daily or as needed.

Next, the charms (as seen below) which come in silver and gold:

I have nothing but good things to say about these charms!  They applied easily with nail glue and stayed in place VERY well.  They did catch on things, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  They did not lose their luster, so I assume they’re made from a solid alloy.  The only caveat is that they’re straight, so if you have long, curvy nails, they may not lie flat on the nail. You can also use them on short nails, leaving some of the charm hanging off the free edge. Bonus – you could soak them off (or allow them to fall off) and reuse them!

Those are my thoughts.  Have you tried these decorations? What are your experiences with them?

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