Jamberry Review – Part II

As I mentioned in Part I of this review, I was given some Jamberry samples and finally decided to give them a try. Honestly, they did a little better than I expected.  Here’s what they looked like after 1 week:

jamberry 1 week

All the edges were worn and peeling, and the tips had begun to de-laminate and were getting dirty.  The worst peeling, and ultimately why I got annoyed and pulled them off, was at the corners of the tips and down the sides.

After about three days they started to peel at the cuticle. That was really annoying because my hair would get caught under the wrap when I ran my fingers though my hair. The peeling on the sides was worse because it was affected by everything and it looked terrible.  Well, it all looked terrible about 5 days into it, actually. I’m used to a clean edge and smooth finish that is achieved by using gel, and this level of lifting was almost intolerable towards the end of the one week challenge.

So, the final verdict is a NO. Jamberry was no more successful on my curvy nails than other brands I have tried (Minx, Dashing Diva, etc.) I will not be using these again (I couldn’t even bring myself to use the other samples I was given) and I can’t in good conscience recommend them to clients.

On the bright side, they peeled off easily and left very little residue on my nail.

What about you? Have you had good success with Jamberry wraps?

One thought on “Jamberry Review – Part II

  1. I’ve been wearing Jamberry for about two years now. In the beginning, I had troubles with them just because I had not researched them well nor the application well before applying them. Even at that, I was able to go nearly two weeks with them poorly applied. Now, I rarely have issues. I have so many wraps, though, that I typically change them out weekly or up to 10 days. I make sure that all of my invisible cuticles are removed, wash my hands and nails with ivory dish soap to get off all the oils, wipe with alcohol, then I trim my wrap just smaller than my nail size so that they won’t touch my skin and apply cold so that I can align them. I then apply heat and press them down the center and out to the sides. Next I file using a glass cutter’s file (not a glass file but a file for shaping glass) and reapply heat to the filed edge and swipe my finger across to reseal the edge. I have also started using the trushine gel overtop to keep my tips intact longer as I use my nails as tools a lot of the time, this has also helped with the longevity of the wraps. I love the wraps as it gives me all the funky styles I crave without having my polish chip the day I apply it.

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