Girls Love Buoys

S&M 16 July 2016

This polish color is from the Gelish “A Very Naut-ical Girl” collection, which was sold only in the full-size bottles at Cosmoprof starting in May. It’s called “Girls Love Buoys”. hahaha So clever!  Joking aside, it’s a creamy fuchsia colored-polish that provides coverage in two coats.

At a loss for nail art inspiration, I started rifling through my nail art supplies and finally stumbled upon sheets of foil that I’d purchased from the Born Pretty Store a couple years ago but never really experimented with. So I pulled out a sheet of silver foil and went to work.  Foil is SUPER EASY to use with gel because you can just apply it to the second (or third, depending on the polish) coat of color, then top coat over it as normal.

This foil nail art held up impressively!  It was about a week before it started showing any signs of wear.  At that point I could have added another layer of Top It Off, but I didn’t bother because you couldn’t tell it was wearing away unless you looked closely.  At about a week and a half it started to really show wear, and at the two week mark it was time for a new manicure.  All-in-all, this is a 5-star product from Born Pretty, especially for the price.

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