Gelish Dip Review – Part 3

S&M 17 July 2017

Above is a photo of my natural nails, which I have been growing out using the Gelish Dip system for 90+ days. The free edge is over 1/2″ long now and they still look healthy!

In my experience with the Gelish Dip system so far I’ve found that it’s lightweight, and easy to apply.  It does have a heavy chemical smell during application, however.  I usually get 2-3 weeks of wear before I do a soak off and new application. I’ve found that I get better results applying a new coat rather than performing a fill, and that’s mostly because the acrylic does yellow a bit over time.

The Gelish Dip has kept my nails so strong that they have not broken in a very long time. Actually, right before this photo was taken I was wiping my kitchen counter and managed to hit my right pinky nail hard enough to break it off. But, otherwise, no issues and they’ve grown so long that I need to trim them! (I sculpted a nail extension on the broken nail.)

Soak off takes about 15-20 minutes using an acetone-soaked cotton ball.  Usually I will remove the first cotton ball and the first layer of product, then reapply a freshly-soaked cotton ball. This seems to speed up the soak-off process, as it allows the acetone to reach all the acrylic.

Have you tried the Gelish Dip system? Do you like it? Or if you haven’t tried it, why not? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Gelish Dip Review – Part 3

  1. hello, I’m working with gelish dip but when I apply the top top it dries me wrinkled … why is this happening to me?

  2. Hi Cristina, I haven’t experienced this issue myself, but I’m wondering if you tried a very thin top coat that would help. Also, if you’re applying two coats, be sure you’re allowing the appropriate amount of time for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. I also recommend contacting Gelish Customer Service if you can’t get it to work – they seem to respond quickly and can help you work out the best way to use the product!

    1. hello, thanks for the advice, but i tried many ways to apply but it keeps happening … not in all the fingers in some do the same process …. I wait 20sec after clean activator I apply first layer of top I wait 3 min i applied the second layer

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