Results: ‘Miracle Gel’ on acrylic

S&M 23 April 2018

Last week I tested Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (SHMG) over acrylic overlays, and the results were much better than my previous results with SHMG over natural nails. This photo was taken after four days of wear. You can see that the tip of the free edge is worn away and that there are some dents and dings (which is to be expected), but they’re still shiny and look pretty good overall!

Bottom line: Wear time for SHMG over acrylic is similar to what you’d get with a traditional polish with a good top coat.

My results show that SHMG is a essentially glorified traditional polish. It’s not a gel and it’s most certainly not a miracle. You won’t get salon results from it, but you’re also not paying salon prices – that’s the trade off. If you love doing your nails at home, this may be a solid option for you. Just keep your expectations realistic!

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