Healthy & Prosperous 2019! Healing the Winter Itch

Do you notice that your skin gets drier and even itchy or irritated in the winter?  Apparently this is a super common condition known as “winter itch”, and I’ve had it for the past few years.  There are a couple things I’ve finally figured out will successfully fight it, though, and I wanted to share them with you in case they’re helpful for you or clients.  One of the worst places this shows up can be our hands, because of the constant hand-washing we do to keep the germs away!S&M 6 December 2015 A

Drink more water – Of course we know we’re supposed to be drinking 6-8 cups a day… in winter it’s more crucial that we make an effort to drink more.

Because it’s cooler our bodies usually don’t sweat as much and we may not feel the urge to drink. But staying hydrated from the inside out will give the skin a way to stay hydrated.

Increase the humidity of your home or work spaces – this has been the biggest help for me this season. I’ve added a humidifier to my bedroom and it has done wonders for my skin. During cold and flu season you can also add an inhalant (like Vick’s), which adds a clean scent to the space.

Avoid harsh soaps and moisturize – This seems like a small thing, but it can be very effective! For about a decade I’ve been using natural soaps when possible, and they work just as well as the pharmacy soaps for our needs.These are best for home use, since you’ll want a germ-fighting soap in the salon. Check out this article from Nail Magazine on why this is important.Once you’re done washing your hands (or other parts) it’s best to add some oil or cream within a few minutes. I’ve tried so many products over the years… Here are some of my favorite solutions:

  • An ointment for very dry skin, which will help lock in moisture. Just know that ointments can feel heavy and greasy, so I recommend applying just before bed and wearing PJs that aren’t your favorite.This is also a great time to apply ointment to your hands and put on gloves that help contain the moisture.
  • A cream for dry skin – This should feel really good on winter skin!
  • And for your face, a light moisturizer. Because your facial skin is sensitive and can feel dry (mine does!) or even look dry. Facial lotion typically works great under foundation, too!

With this post I’m kicking off a new informational series of posts designed to promote a healthy and prosperous 2019 for everyone.  I hope you’ll come back for more health and wellness tips for you and your clients, and some reviews or best practices ideas for nails techs.

Happy holidays, and here’s to kicking off an amazing 2019!

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