Pump dispensers that actually work!

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S&M PANA bottles

After delaying for years too long, I finally did some research and purchased new pump dispensers for two chemicals that sit on the table at my nail station – pure acetone and isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

I chose these because they’re intended for use with chemicals, which means the plastic will be chemical-resistant. And they come with a label. As I mention in my YouTube video about these bottles, it’s required that flammable chemicals be labeled and stored properly. Here’s a quote from my state’s regulations, the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, Board for Barbers and Cosmetology, Standards of Practice, 18 VAC 41-20-270. Sanitation and Safety Standards for Shops, Salons, and Schools:

E. Chemical storage and emergency information.

3. Flammable chemicals shall be labeled and stored in a nonflammable storage cabinet or a properly ventilated room…”

These bottles were just a few dollars each. I’ll add a link below to the bottles that I bought, but they do come in various other colors so you can probably find something to match your salon’s decor.

video thumbnail demo PANA bottles

Most importantly, these bottles work consistently.  The old bottle I had didn’t actually pump out any liquid half the time, and other times it sprayed it up into the air and made a mess. 

Check out my demo video on the Smoke & Mirrors YouTube channel!

Link to the clear acetone bottle, available from Beauticom on eBay;

Link to the white alcohol bottle, also available from Beauticom on eBay.

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