Live Swatching the Gelish Rocketman Full Collection

Contains affiliate links.

video thumbnail swatches Rocketman

Watch me swatch!

My swatch video for the Rocketman collection is ready for you to see all these cool new colors on the Smoke & Mirrors YouTube channel.

These are some gorgeous, vibrant summer colors – all ready to party (or brunch or BBQ or whatever)!

As you can see, I went with the Gelish Mini versions this time, since I’m no longer in the salon.  I know the bottles look small, but I truly believe these are a great option for home users.

The only color I couldn’t find at my local Sally Beauty was Glow Like a Star, so I picked that up at CosmoProf.  I really wish I could have found the smaller bottle.  Buying these at my local Sally Beauty has become hit or miss lately. In case yours is the same way, I’ve included links for online options. This is how I should’ve bought them! It would have been easier and faster, honestly.

Be sure to leave a comment on the video to let me know which colors you’ll be picking up. Happy shopping!

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