Testing Color Street Nail Polish Strips – Part 1 – Application

S&M 31 May 2019 A

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This week I’m testing and reviewing Color Street nail polish strips. Someone gave me a set to try months ago, but I didn’t get around to testing them until now.  This is planned as a two-part post, and for this first one I’ll focus on buying and applying these nail polish strips.

If you haven’t heard much about these – they’re simply nail color strips, a la Sally Hansen, InCoCo, and Jamberry.  Like Jamberry, you buy them from a multi-level marketer. I imagine they’re pretty easy to get, and yoiucan pick out your designs online or from their little paper catalog. The sets are around $11-$13 each, and I’ve heard you can get multiple manicures out of each set. Unlike Jamberry, these are not an adhesive paper strip. They’re actually the closest thing I’ve found to my beloved Sally Hansen real nail polish strips, in that they’re a flexible acrylate and sit on the nail like traditional nail polish. (I read somewhere recently that Color Street owns the patent on this type of nail color application, and that’s why Sally Hansen isn’t selling their strips anymore.)

For these nails I grabbed a Gelish neutral that complemented the colors in my test strips, called Hey, Twirl-friend!Beginning with clean, PolyGel®-enhanced nails, I applied the test strips per the package instructions.  As you can see in the close-up, the strips weren’t the perfect width for my nail beds. There is an uncovered area along the sidewalls (and that was after I had flipped the strip around 180° and applied the thicker end!). The directions indicate that you should file the free edge to remove the excess strip. Unfortunately one of mine ripped during this process at the corner, which you can see in the below photo.

S&M 31 May 2019 B

The instructions say you don’t need to apply base or top coats, but I recommend top coat to seal the whole nail. This adds dry time, the lack of which is one of Color Street’s selling points, but I believe you’ll get better wear time with it. Overall, the application process was quick and easy. Once you get a hang of the alignment, you can probably do these very quickly. However, I don’t see how you can get away with no top coat on these for 10 days.

I admit, when I saw these on someone’s short nails at work, I thought they looked bad.  They did not seem to lie smoothly on the natural nail, and I would have been disappointed if I’d spent $13 on a single manicure with those results (you can get a full bottle of Gelish in all it’s glittery glory, for WAY less per manicure!). But after applying them to smooth enhanced nails, I’m a little more sold on them. As you know, I loved my Sally Hansen polish strips and, overall, these are very, very similar.

What do you think? Have you tried Color Street? Let us know in the comments!

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