The best nail colors for summer 2019… (Part 2)

Contains affiliate links.

… according to InStyle magazine.

For part 2 of our just-for-fun post about trendy summer colors, we have some expected and maybe unexpected options! As I noted in the previous post, their list is pretty good, but it’s all traditional nail polish.  Here we’ll update it to 2019 standards with some comparable Gelish gel polishes!

Gelish collection 008

Their suggestion:

“… pastel blue-gray nail polish.”

From Gelish:

Water Baby (AKA My One Blue Love)



S&M 6 August 2017

Their suggestion:

“Your summer glow-up: Painting your nails with…polish loaded with shimmery… gold flakes.”

From Gelish:

All That Glitters is Goldfrom the original Gelish Trends collection









Their suggestion:

“When in doubt, a rosy pink manicure is seasonally-appropriate all 365 days of the year..”

From Gelish: Go Girl

Make a Splash








Their suggestion:

“…tangerine polish can’t promise you a tan line-free summer, but painting it on does guarantee you’ll have a shiny, gel […] manicure…”

From Gelish:

You’ve Got Tan-gerine Lines from the Summer 2018 Gelish Make A Splash collection

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