Testing Color Street Nail Polish Strips – Part 2 – Wear

Last week I tested Color Street nail polish strips, and I have some wear test results for you in this post. This photos shows the results from one week of wear time:

S&M 3 June 2019

Within a couple days of applying them, I started to notice the edge of the strips in the cuticle area would catch on my hair.  Recall that I used top coat, even though the instructions indicated it is unnecessary… would this have been worse with no top coat?

In this photo you might be able to see where the strip began to tear away in small pieces, so the curve at the cuticle area became irregular.  Other than that, I was pleased with how well the strips stayed on over the week.

S&M 3 June 2019 B

Removal was easy with acetone, as advertised, even with all the glitter in this strip.

Overall, I was impressed with Color Street nail polish strips. I went in with fairly low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised.  The price tag indicates to me that you’re paying for convenience (less mess and quick manicure completion time). If you’re OK with the cost, then I’d say this product is a viable option for home users.

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