Everyday Nail Art #7: Gel Polish Ombre

Contains affiliate links. 
S&M 12 June 2019For this design I started with Just Me and My Piano, from the new Gelish Rocketman collection for Summer 2019. On three of the nails on each hand I used three coats to get full depth of color, then added Bedazzle Me, which is the glitter topper from the Rocketman collection.
For the ombré nails, my base was one coat of Just Me and My Piano.  To get this easy ombré look I applied a generous stripe of Just Me and My Piano and one of the pink color from the same collection, Tickle My Keys, to a sponge makeup wedge.  I then dabbed the colors onto the nail several times, with the pink at the top of the nail. I cured, then repeated the process.
To bring those nails together with the others, I added a thin coat of Bedazzle Me to the top of the ombré nails, and cured. Then I top coated all the nails and cured one last time.
The ombré process is easy but can create a mess on the skin surrounding the nail. You can use a peel-off cuticle guard, or just clean the skin with acetone before curing in the lamp. The finished look is worth the extra effort!

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