A new direction for Smoke & Mirrors nail blog

Life has changed here this summer at the Smoke & Mirrors headquarters.  Between 10-12 hour-long work days, beginning a master’s program, and LIFE, there hasn’t been much time to spend researching, swatching polish, recording and editing videos, creating nail art, photographing, editing photos, and blogging. And that’s saying nothing of the money it costs to buy product (this is not a sponsored blog) and let’s face it, the folks behind Smoke & Mirrors have helped keep Gelish in business over the last decade.  We have an extensive collection of all the Gelish colors sold in the U.S. since its inception (as far as we know)…

fall 2019 lineup

Which brings me to the latest collection, which I’ve not yet purchased. As much as I want all the pretty colors, I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money.

Image from Gelish Mini

I might wait for a coupon at Sally Beauty and buy the whole collection later, as there’s no point for me buying the full size bottles now that I no longer work in a salon.

Rest assured, I’ll still have some nail art ideas for you along the way. In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll stick around even though new content isn’t available here as frequently as it has been in the past.

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