Some Girls Prefer Pearls

Contains affiliate links.

S&M 2 September 2019

If you watched my swatch video for the Gelish Forever Marilyn collection, then you got a preview of this design. The base color is two coats of Some Girls Prefer Pearls.

The design on top is stamped using CJS polish and Morgan Taylor Designer Plate Flirty Florals 3720201-2. I stamped using the white polish (#2 Jenny’s Gonna Love It) first, then with the black polish (#1 More Like 1 AM).

This is a simple, relatively fast (double your stamping time only) technique, but it gives interest and depth to the finished art.

Morgan Taylor stamping plates have always worked well for me.  I use CJS supplies with them to get excellent results.  They’re somewhat difficult to find now, but you can get them online still, in three designs:

What do you think? Have you tried any of the Morgan Taylor stamping plates?


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