The future of Smoke & Mirrors…

Lately things have taken a turn for the worse for many vloggers, as you may have heard about the new COPPA regulations going into effect early next year on YouTube.  If you haven’t heard of this, you can check out the FTC’s FAQ on the COPPA laws on their website.

Image from Gelish

So here I am, with a swatch video recorded for 6 of the new 12 colors in the Champagne and Moonbeams collection, wondering if I should even post it to the YouTube channel for this site.

So far, I’ve been indecisive – I haven’t removed any videos, but I also haven’t posted any new ones.




The only step I’ve taken is to comply with YouTube’s new COPPA regulations is to declare that my videos are not intended for children.  That seems like it would be good enough… But my understanding is that auditors can come in and decide that, even though you have marked your content as “not for children”, your content is appealing to children.  And this could lead to a big fine, but I currently have no way of knowing if nail products and nail art are considered appealing to children. Unfortunately, this blog could be under fire, too. It’s not just video content, but any site or app that collects a user’s personal data.

It’s a very unfortunate situation we find ourselves in.

For now I’m taking a break from posting until more is decided by the FTC or action is taken to place more of the burden on the hosting platform or service for how and when data is collected (which is something not all users know the exact details of, nor should they have to).

I’d love to hear from other beauty bloggers! How are you handling this? Have you taken any steps to protect yourself or removed any of your content?

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