Champagne & Moonbeams Swatches – Part 1: the Minis

Contains affiliate links.

The winter is full tilt where I live now, so it’s time for some beautiful winter colors. Enter the Gelish Champagne & Moonbeams Minis collection. These are the mini version of SIX of the colors from the Champagne & Moonbeams 12-color collection. See all these colors in my swatch video for the collection, available now on the Smoke & Mirrors YouTube channel. video thumbnail Champagne and Moonbeams swatches

The colors in this collection are:

Links (affiliate) to purchase these colors are embedded here, or you might be able to find these at your local or online Sally Beauty.

In my last post I discussed my thoughts on some of the recent changes for YouTube creators.  Since then I’ve heard new information that leads me to believe that beauty and crafting channels are likely safe. Therefore, I’ll continue posting content as if all is status quo, until I hear differently!

And, since this is just half of the winter collection, later I’ll be looking forward to ordering the other six in the full size bottles and swatching those. Which of these six colors do you like the best?  It was hard for me to choose a favorite, as usual. Please leave a comment below with your favorite(s)!

2 thoughts on “Champagne & Moonbeams Swatches – Part 1: the Minis

  1. Will you be posting photos to the blog? I like your blog because it’s one of the few that swatch gel polishes, but I don’t have the time/patience to watch a whole swatch video.

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