Taking jeweled nail art to the next level

It’s easy to go online and buy inexpensive flatback crystal jewels for nail art… which is great when your budget is tight or you are just starting out. But if you really want to wear (or offer to your clients) a quality product that has stood the test of time, I suggest trying out Swarovski brand products. “Swarovski is synonymous with sparkle. It is, after all, one of the largest purveyors of crystal, and a behemoth in the jewelry industry.” Clients will most likely recognize this brand name.

lots of crystals on pegs watermarked

Why Swarovski, though?



Have I convinced you to try these yet? I’ve gotten really good results with Swarovski products so far (I DO NOT WORK for Swarovski, and this IS NOT a sponsored post). I just wanted to share my thoughts with fellow nail artists in case it is helpful for someone.

You can buy these nail-specific Swarovski products locally at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s(they seem to be around the same price at both stores, and you can usually use coupons on these at either store) or online at some nail supply stores. The photos above were taken at my local Hobby Lobby – you can see they had a great selection.

Have you tried these yet? What were your results?

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