SNS advertising lies?!?!

While visiting my local Wal-Mart I saw this sign in front of the Regal Nails salon there:


There is so much twisting of the truth to unpack here. Yeah… it’s got some lies on it, too. Let’s start with the biggest one of all, the one that made me stop in my tracks.  The sign says “Not Gel, Not Acrylic” in very large letters.

Uhm… for real? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure dipping powders are acrylic…

Let’s check the SNS website for some indication of the ingredients in their products.  Take a look at their document: SNS Nail Dipping Powder Safety and Benefits, which is available in the Downloads section of the About SNS page.

Quote (with added emphasis): “SNS NAIL DIPPING POWDER is derived from an acrylic ester polymer that
adheres to the nail when combined with a liquid monomer…”

Sounds like acrylic to me, even if it is a derivative.  Don’t believe me? Just search for SNS dip ingredients and you’ll find user pictures of the back of the jar, which clearly states that it contains acrylic ester polymer, which is an acrylic chemical. This chemical is NOT:

  • the “natural choice” if you are referring to it being a natural (i.e, plant-based) product
  • “healthier for your nail”

Please, please do not be sucked into these marketing lies.  SNS is a dipping powder, similar to many others on the market today.   This is not any better or worse for your nail than hard gels, soft gels, liquid and powder acrylics, etc.  If you remove any product improperly it will damage your nails. If you are used to having an enhancement on your natural nails, and you remove it, your nails will feel weak. This is just how it is.

Enjoy the nail products you like, and be an informed consumer!


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