Creme De La Femme – my go-to nude polish color!

S&M 20 Dec 2019

Lately I’ve been trying to appreciate the understated natural look for my nails. I’ve just been too busy for nail art, and I’m sure you all can relate!

For a few weeks I wore this look – sculptured PolyGel® enhancements over my natural nails, with Gelish Creme De La Femme polish, topped with Gelish Matte Top It Off.  I’ll provide links (some are affiliate) to the products below.

This look is clean and professional, and goes with any outfit. Nude polish colors that match or complement our skin tones also have the added benefit of making the fingers appear longer.

The products I used are all from Gelish:

What’s your go-to nude polish color? Leave a comment below!

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