Gelish collections swatches updated

Champagne and Monnbeams Collection

I’ve added swatches for the Champagne & Moonbeams collection to my swatches page, so please check those out if you are interested.

My long-term goal for this site is to post pictures of swatches for polishes that aren’t part of any collection. For now, this is the last collection I’ll be swatching.  Keeping up with all the colors, as I have been, is consuming too much of my time and finances at this point.  As noted in several of my posts, this is not a sponsored blog.

Yep, I do this for free.

…Or, I did. For now, this blog and my career in nails is taking a back seat to my pursuit of my master’s degree.  I’ll still post occasionally, and I intend to catch up on my swatch photos at some point. But for now I’ll just be doing nails for myself because I enjoy it.

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