New Gelish Xpress Dip powders

In the last month or so Gelish has quietly released a new dip powder containing activator, to complement their existing lineup of dip powders.

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Unfortunately no information about this new line of dip powder is available on the Gelish website, which is why I say they’ve done a quiet release for this products. It may be due to the coronavirus pandemic, but I’ve only been able to find out a little information about Xpress Dip from random places online.  According to a video created by one of their educators, Vu Nguyen, the current offering includes their most popular dip colors, though Nail Tech Supply (NTS) is also showing availability of the new summer collection colors in Xpress Dip jars. (Since many beauty supply stores are currently closed, Gelish is selling their products through NTS.)

The main difference between Xpress Dip and their regular Dip powders is that Gelish has added an activator to the Xpress powder. This means that it should harden, or cure, shortly after application and with no activator liquid needed in between color coats.  You will still need the bottle of activator, however, to apply just before the first coat of dip color and after the last one, before the top coat.  This speeds up the process slightly and decreases product usage.

I’m looking forward to seeing Gelish’s official announcement on this new product! It seems that this is the new standard formulation for their Dip powders, so I expect we’ll get more information from them soon.

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