Let There Be Moonlight

While it was still rainy and cold a couple weeks ago, I was inspired to do this nail art during a binge watch of the 80’s hit comedy Perfect Strangers

Check out this totally awesome sweater that the character Larry is wearing in an episode from season one!

I decided to make a feature nail similar to the sweater for these nails, and used a total of four Gelish colors for the set:

  • Let There Be Moonlight (gray)
  • A Kiss in the Dark (dark purple black)
  • No Filter Needed (teal)
  • A Pinch of Pepper (B/W glitter topper)

In hindsight, a lighter teal would have been more accurate, but the design was still fun to do. The black & white lines of the sweater were impossible to re-create on the nail using just the glitter topper I had selected, so I went with gray to coordinate with other nails and just used the glitter on some of the nails. To tie the whole set together, I added some straight lines on a couple of the dark nails. In hindsight, a lighter teal would have been more accurate, but the design was still fun to do and to wear. 

During quarantine, since I’m working from home, I’ve been keeping the nails on my dominant hand shorter and primarily painting designs on my other hand, which has long nails. Doing mirror image designs on both hands has been one the things that, during the quarantine, I’ve decided aren’t worth doing just for myself. It’s funny how an event like this can lead you to question even the little things that you previously did or took for granted, or cause you to think about what really matters most for your time, money, or effort. This is truly a nail design I did for my own enjoyment!

What about you? Have you changed any aspects of your nail care routine during the lockdown?

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