Using Sally Hansen Pure polishes for a natural nail refresh

Let’s talk natural nail refreshes, or a “break” from nail enchancements.  For some people, this is something that’s happened lately because they can’t go to the salon. For others, this is a normal part of their nail care routine.  Whatever the reason you’ve decided to shun enhancements for a few days or weeks, I’m suggesting you try out the Sally Hansen Pure lineup of polishes.

For a review of the polishes and to see real-time swatching, check out the Smoke & Mirrors YouTube channel for my video on these polishes.

video thumbnail review SH Pure

You’ll have to watch the video for the full dish, but here’s the summary:


  • work the same as regular nail polishes (RNP)
  • 16-free and vegan certified!
  • easy to find at the pharmacy or department store
  • inexpensive price point


  • stink like RNP even though they’re vegan
  • top coat is thick and takes a while to dry

Now that I’ve got two cute neutrals from this polish line, I’ll continue to use these anytime I do a trim or take a break from enhancements.  The cool thing is that you can use them with the Sally Hansen Nail Hardener, which gets rave reviews, for outstanding results as your nails grow out.

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