Looing forward to winter holidays 2020

As the pandemic stretches on, we all occasionally need some good news and events to get excited about. For me, that is the change in season and the new nail colors that come with it! So I was happy to see some news in the last couple days about the upcoming Gelish collection for Winter/Holiday 2020, called Shake up the Magic!

The Shake Up The Magic! collection of 12 new shades is inspired by the magic and nostalgia of the festive season, including glittering snow globes. Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish, says, “The Shake Up The Magic! collection takes us back to the magic that comes with the holiday winter season that we all remember as a child. We wanted to create shades that were eye catching to get you through all the exciting  events that come with the holidays, but also versatile enough to take you through the wintertime. This collection is sure to add a little holiday cheer to your nails.”

Image from Cosmoprofbeauty.com

It’s still early, so not much information is available on this collection. I was able to find good information at BeautyandHairdressing.co.uk (collections are typically released earlier in the UK than in the US) and the Cosmoprof website. This collection appears to have 12 colors, including some darker shades, nudes, shimmers and a a couple glitter toppers. So far I have only seen the full size and mini Gelish collections for sale with 6 of these 12 colors, so we might have to wait a little longer to find out if all 12 will be available for purchase in the Gelish gel polish.

Due to a temporary health condition I’ve not been doing my own nails lately, and haven’t had a client in a very long time due to the pandemic. But none of this has dampened my enthusiasm for all things nails and my excitement at seeing new collections being released. What about you? Have you been using more or less nail products in the last few months?

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