Update on the Gelish® Winter 2020 Collection

In my previous post I noted that Hand and Nail Harmony (HNH) had created 12 winter 2020 colors, assuming that all of them would be available as Gelish gel polish. However, I’ve received emails from distributors that seem to indicate only six of those 12 colors will be available as gel polish. Here are the colors available as Gelish (in full size and mini):

Image from Nail Tech Supply
  • Be My Sugarplum – plum shade
  • Bare & Toasty – nude beige creme
  • Don’t Snow-Flake On Me – pale lilac metallic with chunky glitter
  • Fa-La-Love That Color! – dark gray creme, almost black
  • Stilettos In The Snow –  ruby red creme
  • Liquid Frost – silver metallic with chunky glitter

It appears that the other six colors will be manufactured as Morgan Taylor Lacquer only, at least in the U.S. While this is disappointing, it is likely a business decision. The cosmetics and beauty industry as been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as many salons are operating at a limited capacity and consumers are spending less on non-essentials like cosmetics. For a large manufacturer like HNH it may not be profitable or even possible to manufacture all 12 colors. It’s a shame, but I am grateful for what we are getting, even with the distribution issues, and look forward to better in 2021. Until then, continue supporting the brands you love when you can!

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