Where to buy Gelish® now

Are you like me, wanting to find some new Gelish colors but not sure where to buy them? Due to a temporary health condition I’m not shopping in brick and mortar beauty store locations, so I’ve had to research where to buy Gelish online. The decision to purchase is your own, I am simply providing information that I hope you will find useful. All these links go to a place where you can buy genuine Gelish… no knockoffs here!

Full size Gelish is available at: https://www.nailtechsupply.com/

The link to Nail Tech Supply can also be found on the Gelish.com home page, so you know this is a legit place to buy genuine Gelish products.

Mini size Gelish is available at: https://www.getgelished.com/

This appears to be the official page to buy Mini Gelish, run by Hand & Nail Harmony or an affililate. You can also find minis on Amazon.com, though not as soon after they are released. This was suggested to me by Gelish in response to a question I posted on their Instagram. I have found that the seller “VMExpress” is selling Gelish minis, and have bought several of my collections from them this year.

Happy shopping!

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