Looking for a new way to create nail art?

It’s not new, but it could be new for you! Have you tried nail stamping? I love this technique for creating flawless nail art time and time again.

And there are so many designs to choose from! With all the combinations of colors and stamp plates the possibilities are endless.

Now that spring has arrived, I’m ready for floral nail art! For this design I’ve used Clear Jelly Stamper plate CJS 66, which is one of the CJS small plates. They also have large plates, as well as any other stamping supplies you could possibly want to get started with stamping.

If you’re ready to give nail art stamping at home a try, CJS is the way to go. As a licensed nail tech, I have tried many products for this technique over the years so I could offer art like this to my clients, and they were all a waste of money compared to CJS. This company INVENTED the clear jelly stamper, and other companies stole their intellectual property. It’s really sad that this happens, but it does.

Please be sure you are getting the real deal! If you’d like to place an order with CJS, use my coupon code Smoke&Mirrors for 10% off! Here’s the link to go to the Clear Jelly Stamper site with the discount code for your order.

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