List of Gelish®Gel Polish Colors

Core and other colors:

Original Item # Revised Item # Original/Revised Color Name (Mini Name) Notes
01414   After Dark  
01416/1110035   All About Me/From Paris with Love  
01347   Allure  
01326   Ambience  
01433   Arctic Freeze re-released as part of the 2015 Rocky Horror collection
04237   Ballerina – mini only  
01328   Bashful  
01342   Bella’s Vampire  
01418 1110867 Black Cherry Berry  
01348   Black Shadow re-released as part of the 2015 Rocky Horror collection
01355   Bronzed  
01349   Caution  
01404   Champagne  
1240003   Creme de la Femme mini only
01816   Day Dream Limited Edition Cosmoprof Black Friday 2013
01350   Deep Sea  
01344   Desert Sands  
01415   Diva  
01339   Elegant Wish  
01400   Emerald Dust  
01330   Exhale  
01325   Forever Beauty  
1240002   French Kiss and Tell mini only
01407   Glamour Queen  
01354   Golden Treasure  
01401   Grand Jewels  
01333   High Bridge  
01402 1110852 High Voltage  
01361   Ivory Coast  
01420   Jet Set  
01353   June Bride  
01327   Light Elegant  
01422 1110001 Little Princess/Heaven Sent  
04289   Mauvy Mauve – mini only  
01406   Medieval Madness  
01368   Midnight Caller  
04283   Midnight Cover – mini only  
01365   Mint Icing  
01345   Moroccan Nights  
01405   Need A Tan  
01351   Night Reflection  
01362   Night Shimmer  
01364   Ocean Wave  
01331   Passion  
01408   Pink Smoothie  
01417   Plum and Done  
01335   Princess Tiara  
04285   Red-y and Waiting – mini only  
01336 1110822 Rendezvous  
01329   Reserve  
01366   Samurai  
01341   Sea Foam  
01323 (04200)   Sleek (Sheek) White  
01370   Silver Sand  
01324   Simpler Sheer  
04288   Skinny Vanilla Latte – mini only  
01421   Snow Bunny  
01338   Star Burst  
01340   Sweet Chocolate  
01423 1110006 Sweet Dream/Simply Irresistable  
01359   Taffeta  
01346   Tassles  
04290   Tasty Eggplant – mini only  
01403   Tickle My Heart  
01334   Tiger Blossom  
01352   Tumberline Violet  
01411   Tutti Fruiti  
01356   Twinkle  
01413   Up In the Blue  
01357   Vanilla Silk  
01367 1110069 Vegas Nights/Fame Game  
01358   Water Field  
01360   Wicked  

Collections 2011-2020:

Original Item #Revised Item #Original/Revised Color Name (Mini Name)CollectionRelease Date
01521A New Sunrise SparkleJapan Relief2011
01520Pink Cherry Blossom of RenewalJapan Relief
01605Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get BusyAurora FXSpring 2011
01603The Great Googly MooglyAurora FX
01600Wiggle Finger Wiggle Thumbs That’s the Way the Magic ComesAurora FX
01601Ali Baba’s Sim Sala BimAurora FX
01602Oocha Coocha Bing Bang Bam, Alakazy AlakazamAurora FX
01604Close Your Fingers and Cross Your EyesAurora FX
01535Spicy FortuneYear of the Dragon 2012January 2012
01525Less TalkBreast Cancer AwarenessOctober 2011, re-released October 2012
01526Take ActionBreast Cancer Awareness
01527Make a DifferenceBreast Cancer Awareness
01472Ooba Ooba BlueRio NeonSummer 2011
01473Amazon FlirtRio Neon
01474Copacabana BananaRio Neon
01475TikiTiki LarangaRio Neon
01476Shake It Til You SambaRio Neon
01477Carnaval HangoverRio Neon
01522Just in Case Tomorrow Never ComesWinter Reds2011, 2012
01419111031Queen of Hearts/Wonder WomanWinter Reds2011-2013; re-released in 2016 as part of the Happy New Year Collection
015231110904My Forbidden LoveWinter Reds2011, 2012
01412Hot Rod RedWinter Reds2013; re-released as part of the 2015 Rocky Horror collection
013431110829Red RosesWinter Reds2013
01363Good GossipWinter Reds2013
01369Rose GardenWinter Reds2013
013371110823Stand OutWinter Reds2013
01610Don’t Be So ParticularMagnetoFebruary 2012
01609Electric Metal LoverMagneto
01607Iron PrincessMagneto
01608Polar AttractionMagneto
01611Inseperable ForcesMagneto
01606Drawn TogetherMagneto
01529My Sugar Baby (AKA Sugar Daddy)Candy LandSpring 2012
01530Sugar ‘N’ Spice & Everything NiceCandy Land
01531Orange Cream DreamCandy Land
01532You’re So Sweet You’re Giving Me a ToothacheCandy Land
01533You’re Such a Sweet-TartCandy Land
01534Don’t Be Such A SourpussCandy Land
01430Big City SirenSizzling Summer NightsAKA Best Dressed
01428ShowstoppingSizzling Summer NightsSummer 2012
01431Sunrise And The CitySizzling Summer Nights
01429Shake Your MoneymakerSizzling Summer Nights
01537My Favorite Blue-tiqueJust for You (UK Only)
01543Simply Mauv-elous DahlingJust for You (UK Only)
01541After Party EspressoJust for You (UK Only)
01441Cashmere Kind Of GalHouse of GelishSeptember 2012
01435Taupe Model (Eur-so Chic; A Little Cream, Please, in Mini)House of Gelish (Just for You)
01434Strut Your Stuff (Meet Me in Milano, Double Shot Espresso in Mini)House of Gelish (Just for You)
01438Cocktail Party Drama (It Girl)House of Gelish (Just for You)
014401110882Backstage Beauty (Red-y to Wear)House of Gelish (Just for You)
01439My Favorite AccessoryHouse of Gelish
01436A Runway For The Money (Commander in Chic; Dear Johnny Green, in Mini)House of Gelish (Just for You)
01437Fashion Week Chic (Fashionably Slate; Never Too Grey in Mini)House of Gelish (Just for You)
01424Welcome To The MasqueradeThe Shadows CollectionNovember 2012
01425Is It An Illusion?The Shadows Collection
01426Angel In DisguiseThe Shadows Collection
01427The Dark SideThe Shadows Collection
01460The Perfect SilhouetteThe Shadows Collection
014611110884Inner VixenThe Shadows Collection
01546Holiday Party BluesHoliday Collection 2012November 2012
01547Little Miss SparkleHoliday Collection 2012Holiday Collection 2012
01548Danny’s Little HelpersHoliday Collection 2012
01549The Naughty ListHoliday Collection 2012
01550All Tied Up… With A BowHoliday Collection 2012
01551Just What I Wanted!Holiday Collection 2012
01553Meet the KingYear of the Snake 2013January 2013
01552Lady in RedYear of the Snake 2013
01462Sweet Morning DewLove in BloomJanuary 2013
01463A Petal for Your ThoughtsLove in Bloom
01464111002All Dahlia-ed Up/Prettier in PinkLove in Bloom
01465He Loves Me, He Loves me NotLove in Bloom
01466Garden Teal PartyLove in Bloom
01467A Mint of SpringLove in Bloom
01554Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta GlowAll About the GlowApril 2013
01555Radiance Is My Middle NameAll About the Glow
01556You Glare, I GlowAll About the Glow
01557Brights Have More FunAll About the Glow
01559I’m Brighter Than YouAll About the Glow
01558Make You Blink PinkAll About the Glow
01576I’m No Stranger To LoveUnder Her SpellAugust 2013
015771110185A Touch of SassUnder Her Spell
01578Love Me Like A VampUnder Her Spell
01579My Nightly CravingUnder Her Spell
01580Want To Cuddle?Under Her Spell
01581Lust At First SightUnder Her Spell
01409Go GirlYou Can Make a DifferenceSeptember 2013
01332Gossip Girl(with Izzy Wizzy)
01874Rays of LightTrends CollectionSummer 2014
01875Shattered BeautyTrends Collection
01957Looking GlassTrends Collection
01624A Delicate SplatterTrends CollectionSpring 2014
01626Candy Coated SprinklesTrends Collection
01876Dabble it OnTrends Collection
01625Feeling SpeckledTrends Collection
01857Are You Feeling It?Trends CollectionFall 2013
01858Concrete CoutureTrends Collection
01855Feel Me on Your FingertipsTrends Collection
01856Too Tough To Be SweetTrends Collection
01854All That Glitters Is GoldTrends Collection
01853Am I Making You Gelish?Trends Collection
01852Life of the PartyTrends Collection
01851Rough Around the EdgesTrends Collection
01866Getting Gritty With ItTrends Collection
01865#Party Girl ProblemsTrends Collection
01864Sweet 16Trends Collection
01863Girls Night OutTrends Collection
01862A Pinch of PepperTrends Collection
01861Let Me Top You OffTrends Collection
01860Candy ShopTrends Collection
01859Lots of DotsTrends Collection
1100132Glow in the DarkTrends CollectionSeptember 2016
01582360 Black FlipThe Snow EscapeNovember 2013
01583Sledding in StyleThe Snow EscapeTrends
01584Race You To The BottomThe Snow Escape
015851110924Wanna Share A Lift?The Snow Escape
01586I Heart My InstructorThe Snow Escape
01587Let’s Hit The Bunny SlopesThe Snow Escape
01468Dancer, Prancer & Cranberry VixenWinter Reds 2013November 2013
01469With Your Red So Bright(in addition to above Winter Reds)Holiday Collection 2013
01588Red-Y for the FestivalYear of the Horse 2014January 2014
01589Kick Off the New YearYear of the Horse 2014
01590Fairest of Them AllOnce Upon a DreamFebuary 2014
01591/1110073Oh, What a Knight!/No Way RoséOnce Upon a Dream
01592She’s My BeautyOnce Upon a Dream
01593All Haile the QueenOnce Upon a Dream
015941110085Kiss Me, I’m a Prince/Mint Chocolate ChipOnce Upon a Dream
015951110092My One Blue Love/Water BabyOnce Upon a Dream
01619Pacific SunsetColors of ParadiseApril 2014
01620Tahiti HottieColors of Paradise
016211110124Mali-Blu Me Away/Making WavesColors of Paradise
01622Rub me the Sarong WayColors of Paradise
01623Lime all the TimeColors of Paradise
01618Rockin’ the ReefColors of Paradise
01478Doo WopPlayin’ It CoolMay 2014
01479Cruisin’ The BoulevardPlayin’ It Cool
01480One Cool CatPlayin’ It Cool
01481Let’s Go to the HopPlayin’ It Cool
01849Do I Look Buff?Get Color-FallSeptember 2014
01848Whose Cider are you On?Get Color-Fall
01846Berry Buttoned UpGet Color-Fall
018471110942Hello, Merlot!Get Color-Fall
01845Rake in the GreenGet Color-Fall
01844Clean SlateGet Color-Fall
01410It’s a LilyYou Can Make a Difference 2014September 2014
01358Water Field(with Go Girl [see 2013])
01487Kisses Under the MistletoeHaute HolidayOctober 2014
01486Here’s to the Blue YearHaute HolidayHoliday 2014 Collection
01485Berry Merry HolidaysHaute Holiday
01482Feeling BubblyHaute HolidayTrends
01483Your Sleigh or Mine?Haute HolidayTrends
01484Sugar Plum DreamsHaute Holiday
01881Call Me Jill FrostThe Big ChillNovember 2014
01883Ice Skate, You Skate, We All SkateThe Big Chill
01882I’m Snow AngelThe Big Chill
01880Snowflakes and SkyscrapersThe Big Chill
01884My Jewels Keep Me WarmThe Big Chill
01879The Big ChillThe Big Chill
01599Lucky LadyHappy New Year 2015January 2015
01060Stepsisters RuleCinderellaMarch 2015
01062A Moment of MagicCinderellaTrends
01061I’ll Make it FitCinderellaTrends
01055Party at the PalaceCinderella
01057My Carriage AwaitsCinderella
01059Watch Your Step, SisterCinderella
01058Ella of a GirlCinderella
01054Live Like There’s No MidnightCinderella
01056If the Slipper FitsCinderellaTrends
01064Do you Harajaku?Hello Pretty!May 2015
01065Look at You, Pink-achu!Hello Pretty!
01066Amine-zing Color!Hello Pretty!
01067Tokyo a Go GoHello Pretty!
01068Pop-arazzi PoseHello Pretty!
01069Manga-round with MeHello Pretty!
01038Amour Color PleaseOoh La La!May 2015
01041Cancun We Dance?Ooh La La!
01040Postcards from ParisOoh La La!
01039Escar-go to FranceOoh La La!Trends
01073From Rodeo to Rodeo DriveUrban CowgirlAugust 2015
01074Holy Cow-GirlUrban Cowgirl
01071Plum Tuckered OutUrban Cowgirl
01070Pumps or Cowboy BootsUrban Cowgirl
01076Seal The DealUrban CowgirlTrends
01077Chain ReactionUrban CowgirlTrends
01075Tan My HideUrban Cowgirl
01072Tex’as Me LaterUrban Cowgirl
01078Fire CrackerRed MattersSeptember 2015
01079ScandalousRed MattersHoliday 2015 Collection
01080Ruby Two-ShoesRed Matters
01081Man of the MomentRed Matters
01082I’m so Hot!Red Matters
010831110809Red AlertRed Matters
01084My Secret SantaRed MattersTrends
01085Tinsel My FancyRed MattersTrends
01086Put a Bow on ItRed MattersTrends
11000001110191A Little NaughtyAfter HoursNovember 2015
1100001Last CallAfter Hours
1100002Give Me GoldAfter Hours
1100003Rhythm & BluesAfter Hours
1100004Sweater WeatherAfter Hours
1100005A-ListerAfter Hours
1100020Po-riwinkleKung Fu Panda 3December 2015
1100016Kung Fu-chsiaKung Fu Panda 3
1100015It’s Gonna Be MeiKung Fu Panda 3
1100017Tigress Knows BestKung Fu Panda 3
1100018Warriors Don’t WineKung Fu Panda 3
1100019Extra Plum Sauce (Total Panda-monium)Kung Fu Panda 3
1100029Rose-y CheeksBotanical AwakeningsMarch 2016
1100030Warm Up the Car-NationBotanical Awakenings
1100031What’s Your Point-settia?Botanical Awakenings
1100032Don’t Pansy AroundBotanical Awakenings
1100033Prim-Rose and ProperBotanical Awakenings
1100034I Or-chid You NotBotanical Awakenings
1100059Catch My DriftA Very Naut-ical GirlMay 2016
1100060Girls Love BuoysA Very Naut-ical Girl
1100062My Yacht, My Rules!A Very Naut-ical Girl
1100061Wish Upon a StarboardA Very Naut-ical Girl
1100043Con-Tour the StreetsStreet BeatMay 2016
1100044B-Girl StyleStreet Beat
1100048Give Me a Break DanceStreet Beat
1100045Hip Hot CoralStreet Beat
1100047Street Cred-ibleStreet Beat
1100046Tag, You’re ItStreet Beat
1100067Up In The Air-HeartSweetheart SquadronAugust 2016
1100068Perfect LandingSweetheart Squadron
1100069Put A Wing On ItSweetheart Squadron
1100070Looking for a WingmanSweetheart Squadron
1100071Oh, Para-chute!Sweetheart Squadron
1100072Rule the RunwaySweetheart Squadron
1100087Just Naughty EnoughWrapped in GlamourOctober 2016
1100088Let’s Get FrostyWrapped in GlamourHoliday 2016 Collection
1100089Girl Meets JoyWrapped in Glamour
1100090You’re So Elf-Centered!Wrapped in Glamour
1100091Rocking My StockingWrapped in Glamour
1100092Who Nose Rudolph?Wrapped in Glamour
1100115Figure 8S & HeartbreaksThe Great Ice-ScapeNovember 2016
1100118Flirt In A Skating SkirtThe Great Ice-Scape
1100119Hey, Twirl-Friend!The Great Ice-Scape
1100116Ice Queen Anyone?The Great Ice-Scape
1100117Lace ‘Em UpThe Great Ice-Scape
1100114N-Ice Girls RuleThe Great Ice-Scape
1110248Be Our Guest (One Tough Princess)Beauty & the Beast (Fables & Fairytales)February 2017
1110251Day In the Sun (Let Down Your Hair)Beauty & the Beast
1110250Gaston and On and On (Not So Prince Charming)Beauty & the Beast
1110247The Last Petal (A Tale of Two Nails)Beauty & the Beast
1110249Plumette with Excitement (Once Upon a Mani)Beauty & the Beast
1110252Potts of Tea (Magic Within)Beauty & the Beast
1110253Enchanted Patina (Antique Coat)Beauty & the BeastTrends
1110254All About the PoutSelfieMay 2017
1110258Best Face ForwardSelfie
1110255Me, Myself-ie, and ISelfie
1110259No Filter NeededSelfie
1110256Pretty as a Pink-tureSelfie
1110257Woke Up this WaySelfie
1110270All Tango’d UpMatadoraAugust 2017
1110271Danced and Sang-riaMatadora
1110269Don’t Break My CorazonMatadora
1110267I’m Drawing a BlancoMatadora
1110268Mauve Your FeetMatadora
1110272Ole My WayMatadora
1110274Baby It’s Cold OutsideLittle Miss NutcrackerOctober 2017
1110276Don’t Toy With My HeartLittle Miss NutcrackerHoliday 2017 Collection
1110278Dreaming of GleamingLittle Miss Nutcracker
1110277Just Tutu MuchLittle Miss Nutcracker
1110275Plumthing MagicalLittle Miss Nutcracker
1110279Silver in My StockingLittle Miss Nutcracker
1110273You Crack Me UpLittle Miss Nutcracker
1110280Angling for a KissThrill of the ChillNovember 2017
1110283Caviar on IceThrill of the Chill
1110282Don’t Let the Frost Bite!Thrill of the Chill
1110285Ice Cold GoldThrill of the Chill
1110281Let’s Kiss and Warm UpThrill of the Chill
1110284My Main FreezeThrill of the Chill
1110293My Other Wig is A TiaraRoyal TemptationsMarch 2018
1110294Ruffle Those FeathersRoyal Temptations
1110295All the Queen’s BlingRoyal Temptations
1110296All My Heart DesiresRoyal Temptations
1110297Beauty Marks the SpotRoyal Temptations
1110298Curls & PearlsRoyal Temptations
1110299Over-the-Top PopRoyal Temptations
1110301One Piece or Two?Make A SplashMay 2018
1110302Feeling Swim-sicalMake A Splash
1110303Limonade in the ShadeMake A Splash
1110304You’ve Got Tan-gerine LinesMake A Splash
1110305Flamingo FloatMake A Splash
1110306Flip Flops & Tube TopsMake A Splash
1110307Cellophane CoatMake A Splash
1110314Are You Lion to Me?African SafariAugust 2018
1110319Neutral By NatureAfrican Safari
1110316No Cell? Oh Well!African Safari
1110318No Sudden MauvesAfrican Safari
1110315Off the GridAfrican Safari
1110317Wanna Share a Tent?African Safari
Electric FantasySecrets/Just for You III
Magic TouchSecrets/Just for You III
My Favorite Mai TaiSecrets/Just for You III
1110289A Tribe Called CoolSecrets/Just for You III
1110291Walk the WalkSecrets/Just for You III
Golden Wings and Pretty ThingsSecrets/Just for You III
1110286Hidden IdentitySecrets/Just for You III
1110290Picture Pur-fectSecrets/Just for You III
Mad about MintSecrets/Just for You III
I’m a WildflowerSecrets/Just for You III
Mamba MamaSecrets/Just for You III
Impeccable MannersSecrets/Just for You III
1110288Sun Kissed BlissSecrets/Just for You III
Once Upon a ManicureSecrets/Just for You III
1110287Kiss KissSecrets/Just for You III
Come to My CabanaSecrets/Just for You III
1110327Batting My LashesForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)November 2018
1110328The Camera Loves MeForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)Holiday 2018 Collection
1110329Wish Upon a StarletForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110330Blye-eyed BeautyForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110331I Prefer MillionairesForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110332Some Like It RedForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110333Ice or No DiceForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110334Diamonds Are my BFFForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110335A Kiss From MarilynForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110336Hollywood’s SweetheartForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110337She’s a NaturalForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110338Wrapped In SatinForever Fabulous (Marilyn Monroe)
1110344Follow The PetalsThe Color of PetalsMarch 2019
1110341Gardenia My HeartThe Color of Petals
1110342I Feel Flower-fulThe Color of Petals
1110340Merci BouquetThe Color of Petals
1110345Strike a PosieThe Color of Petals
1110343Young, Wild and Free-siaThe Color of Petals
1110352Bedazzle MeRocketmanMay 2019
1110351Glow Like a StarRocketman
1110349It’s the ShadesRocketman
1110346Just Me and My PianoRocketman
1110348Put On Your Dancin’ ShoesRocketman
1110347Sir Teal to YouRocketman
1110350Tickle My KeysRocketman
1110355A Girl and Her CurlsForever MarilynAugust 2019
1110354All American BeautyForever Marilyn
1110358Classic Red LipsForever Marilyn
1110357Flirty and FabulousForever Marilyn
1110353Some Girls Prefer PearlsForever Marilyn
1110356That’s So MonroeForever Marilyn
1110376A Kiss in the DarkChampagne & MoonbeamsNovember 2019
1110368A Starry NightChampagne & MoonbeamsWinter 2019 Collection
1110373Copper DreamChampagne & Moonbeams
1110372Dancing & RomancingChampagne & Moonbeams
1110371From Dusk ‘Til DawnChampagne & Moonbeams
1110374Golded in GoldChampagne & Moonbeams
1110366Let There Be MoonlightChampagne & Moonbeams
1110370See You In My DreamsChampagne & Moonbeams
1110375Shooting StarChampagne & Moonbeams
1110367Sprinkle of TwinkleChampagne & Moonbeams
1110365Tell Her She’s StellarChampagne & Moonbeams
1110369Walking on StardustChampagne & Moonbeams
1110377Barely BuffEditor’s PicksFebruary 2020
1110378Call My BlushEditor’s PicksSpring 2020 Collection
1110380Going VogueEditor’s Picks
1110382I Speak ChicEditor’s Picks
1110381It’s Your MauveEditor’s Picks
1110379On Cloud MineEditor’s Picks
1110384Electric RemixSwitch On ColorMay 2020
1110386Live Out LoudSwitch On ColorSummer 2020 Collection
1110388Show Up & Glow UpSwitch On Color
1110389Super FandomSwitch On Color
1110387Total Request RedSwitch On Color
1110385Ultimate MixtapeSwitch On Color
1110396You’re In My World NowDisney VillainsSeptember 2020
1110397Make ‘Em SquirmDisney VillainsFall 2020 Collection
1110398Mistress of MayhemDisney Villains
1110399Smoke The CompetitionDisney Villains
1110400Just One BiteDisney Villains
1110401Fashion Above AllDisney Villains
1110404Liquid FrostShake Up The MagicNovember 2020
1110405Don’t Snow-Flake on MeShake Up The MagicWinter/Holiday 2020 Collection
1110406Bare & ToastyShake Up The Magic
1110409Be My SugarplumShake Up The Magic
1110410Fa-La-Love that ColorShake Up The Magic
1110413Stilettos in the SnowShake Up The Magic

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