Dashing Diva Design FX Wear Test Day 3

This is Day 3 of my wear test on the Dashing Dive Design FX appliques in Precious Metal.  While washing my hair this morning, I noticed the applique on my right hand was loose.  After a little bit of work this morning (mostly typing), I went to lunch and did some grocery shopping. Once I got home, about halfway through putting my frozen goods away, I saw that the applique on my right hand was completely gone.

After it fell off, it left behind a layer of adhesive that was easily scraped off.

Dashing Diva Design FX Wear Test Day 3

The left hand is still holding strong, however. I’ll leave it on for at least a few more days and see if it continues to stay on. I’m right-handed, so I can’t say it was unexpected that the applique on the right hand would come off first.

Precious Metals

Precious Metals

This is Dashing Diva Design FX in Precious Metals on the middle nails + China Glaze Magnetix II Gold Fusion on the others. I used the grid pattern on Magnetix II magnet.

I’m conducting a wear test on the Dashing Diva Design FX, and this is day 1.  On day 1 I did some typing, light cleaning, and cooking/cleanup.  Dashing Diva claims that you can get up to two weeks of wear from these if you use their gel topcoat. I applied the decal then one coat of Gelish Foundation followed by one coat of Top It Off, and I want to see if I can get through at least a week with these.