The 10 essential polish colors…

according to…?

I admit it, clickbait works on me when it’s about nail polish and trends. So for fun I clicked on an article entitled “10 nail polishes every woman should own” to find out what someone else thinks the essential polish colors are. Why is this useful? Let’s say you’re a minimalist, and you want to know which few colors you should keep handy with your mani/pedi supplies.  Or, you’re just opening your own nail station or salon and need to buy a few colors to get you by for a few weeks. This list helps us cover all the bases.

This is a pretty good list except that it’s all traditional nail polish, which is so 15 years ago.  So let’s update it to 2019 standards with some comparable Gelish gel polishes!

Image from

Their suggestion:

“…a light pink hue is appropriate for any and every type of occasion.”

From Gelish:

Curls and Pearls, from the 2018 Spring Royal Temptations collection

S&M 13 February 2016


Their suggestion:

“You can never go wrong with a true red polish since it can be professional, sexy and festive all at once.”

From Gelish:

Firecracker from the 2015 Holiday Red Matters collection




Their suggestion:

Image from

“…put on a vampy eggplant shade and feel like you can take on the world.”

From Gelish:

Bella’s Vampire



Their suggestion:

“Hot pink is one of our go-to summer colors for both manicures and pedicures…”

From Gelish:

Image from Gelish


Make You Blink Pink, from the All About the Glow Summer 2013 collection (This swatch bubble doesn’t do it justice.)

Gelish always does an excellent job with their summer collections.

Gelish collection 006
All About the Glow collection from Gelish

Everyone can find their perfect summer color in this collection!










Their suggestion:

“Whether you go full-on glitter nails or just add a swipe… on an accent nail, everyone needs at least one ‘fun’ color in their collection.”

Image from Gelish

From Gelish:

Girls Night Out from the original fall 2013 Gelish Trends collection


I believe glitter polishes should be your go-to for a quick and easy accent nail. There are so many great glitter polishes from Gelish to experiment with.

Their suggestion:

S&M 1 October 2017

“If you are looking for something subtle yet chic, one to two coats of a cream colored polish…”

From Gelish:

Heaven Sent (AKA Little Princess)



Their suggestion:Gelish collection 031

“A deep red polish is a holiday staple, but also a more grown-up take on a classic, punchy red.”

From Gelish:

Red Alert from the Holiday 2015 Red Matters collection


S&M 23 April 2016 B

Their suggestion:

“If you are looking to get outside of your comfort-zone when it come to nail colors, [a] periwinkle shade is a perfect way to ease into more adventurous hues.”

From Gelish:

Po-riwinkle from the 2016 Spring Kung-Fu Panda collection.

That was an AWESOME color. It hurts my heart to know that Gelish decided not to keep producing it as part of their permanent lineup. You can still find it online, though!


sm-8-dec-2016-bTheir suggestion:

“Gray polishes seem to have become the new nude. This color is universally flattering and a chic way to change up your typical neutral. ”

From Gelish:

Clean Slate from the Fall 2014 Get Color-fall collection

Image from Gelish

Their suggestion:”

“If you have been on the hunt for that poppy shade between red and orange…”

From Gelish:

Flamingo Float from the 2017 Summer Make a Splash collection

And there you have it! It was very hard to pick just ten colors from Gelish to fulfill these suggestions.  I’m sure these would make a great starting point for anyone… I just need more polish than that in my life!

(I don’t represent Gelish in any way… I just have a lot of Gelish colors and love recommending them to people looking to add more color their life!)

Gelish Royal Temptations Collection for Spring 2018

Look at these beautiful swatches of the lovely Gelish Royal Temptations Collection!

S&M 3 March 2018 B

ICYMI this is the spring collection for 2018 for Gelish, released about a week ago. The colors are really pretty, and I’m amped about them all, as usual. I think the green Ruffle Those Feathers and purple All the Queen’s Bling are going to be really popular with clients.  Actually, Ruffle Those Feathers is the first color I used on myself!

(Please ignore the bubbling on the blue My Other Wig is a Tiara swatch… that was my fault. This is what happens when you apply layers of gel polish that are too thick!)

If you prefer to see live swatches, please check out the Smoke and Mirrors YouTube channel for swatches of the entire Royal Temptations collection!



Gelish Royal Temptations Swatches


Image Courtesy Gelish

For spring 2018, Gelish has introduced the Royal Temptations collection. “Inspired by the lavish life of Marie Antoinette, the collection includes six delicious shades. Opulent pastels of sea foam green, teal, purple, pink and coral help to convey the romantic fantasy we associate with being a queen. For an even sweeter nail look, add on Over-the-Top Pop, a special effect glitter that you can’t help but adore.”

Click below to see the Smoke & Mirrors live swatches of this beautiful collection, including the glitter topper.

video thumbnail royal temptations