summer halo

summer halo

This is Gelish Kiss Me, I’m a Prince from the Once Upon a Dream Collection, which a beautiful creamy mint color.  I did this design with dotting tools and acrylic craft paints.

My art deco nail art in Nail Art Gallery Magazine!

I created some art deco style nail art (you might remember it from a few posts ago), and it is featured in this month’s Nail Art Gallery Magazine, page 23.

Geometric French



1 coat of OPI Pink of Hearts with 1 coat of China Glaze White on White + striping tape



Blackboard Nails

chalkboard nails

For these nails I used Gelish Black Shadow, and stamped on them with white Konad special stamping polish and Bundle monster stamping plates 311, 401, 409 and 411. On some of the nails I used a 2 coats of Gelish A Pinch of Pepper, although the black glitter is not visible.  Finally, to give the nails the “blackboard” look, I used Gelish Matte Top it Off.

Feather Nail Art


On the feature nail the base color is Gelish Tassles, and on the other four nails of each hand it’s Want to Cuddle?.  The feathers are embedded in the Top It Off, 2 coats.  I got the feather from the Born Pretty Store.  After the feather was lying flat and cured, I added a little Am I Making you Gelish? at the base of the nails, and then added medium and small rhinestones.  The issue I had was (once again) the deep curve of my natural nail preventing the 3D nail art from lying flat. I had  to pull the feather pretty far forward on the nail, leaving a gap at the lunula area, which I decided would be best filled in with sparkly things!!


Night Reflection

Night Reflection

For this design I used two coats of Gelish “Night Reflection” and “The Great Googly Moogly” from the Aurora Collection. Then, I stamped with the special black Konad stamping polish and Bundle Monster plate BM-314.  (Yes, you can stamp the ring, as well!) The dark purple makes a great contrast with bright green glitter.  The ring and nail art are even more impressive in person!

If you’d like more information about how to make your own nail polish jewelry, try Sweeter Lemon or Rebecca Likes Nails for a tutorial.  I’ve read that you can find the supplies to make your jewelry at, but I purchased all mine at Fire Mountain Gems and at our local Michael’s craft store.

Art Deco nails


For this design I used Gelish Lust at First Sight from the Under Her Spell collection on the tips over a Gelish Vanilla Silk base.  The design was done with a striping brush using Gelish Meet the King.  I applied the black rhinestone in the Top It Off and cured.

Gelish Playin’ It Cool Collection Swatches

I picked up the entire Gelish Playin’ it Cool collection, 4 different colors, at my local Cosmoprof a couple days ago.  I’m very excited to show you the swatches! ( I apologize that these are on a swatch wheel rather than my fingers.  I am working on some nail art for a magazine submission on the own nails, so this is all I had available. I didn’t want to wait until I found another model to post these!)

So without further adieu…

PIC swatches

From left to right they are:

  • Let’s Go to the Hop, which is a bright, summery pink.  Just imagine all the little girls running around with this color on their fingers and toes this summer!
  • Cruisin’ The Boulevard, a true red that would be perfect for a pedicure! This is one of those colors that looks great on just about everyone.
  • Doo Wop, a primary yellow that is going to be great for nail art.  This color was missing from the Gelish line, in my opinion. (Note that I had some spots where this color wrinkled while curing.  Don’t do what I did! Use VERY thin coats!)
  • One Cool Cat, which is a perfect sky blue. This color seems brighter and with less gray tones than the blues previously introduced by Gelish.

I can’t wait to try some of these colors in combination with “Lots of Dots” from the Trends Collection on my nails.  I think they’ll make for a fun summer BBQ mani!

New Gelish collections coming soon! Part 4 – Holiday 2014

The Gelish Holiday 2014 collection is expected to consist of 4 new colors:

  • Kisses Under the Mistletoe  
  • Here’s to the Blue-Year  
  • Berry Merry Holidays  
  • Sugar Plum Dreams   

Plus two new Gelish Trends colors:

  • Feeling Bubbly
  • Your Sleigh or Mine?

New Gelish collections coming soon! Part 3 – Fall 2014

It appears that some vendors already know what colors the Gelish Fall 2014 collection will be comprised of… I know!! I was surprised, too!  Here’s the color information I have on this unnamed collection:

  • Clean Slate
  • Hello, Merlot!
  • Rake in the Green
  • Whose Cider are you On?
  • Berry Buttoned Up
  • Do I Look Buff?

Looks like a beautiful collection.  This gives me a reason to look forward to Fall! What do you think?