Gelish Collections Swatches

 Check out my new page with pictures of Gelish swatches grouped by collection. Additional pictures coming soon!

Gelish Collections List Updated!

I just updated the master list of Gelish polishes to include the Beauty and the Beast spring collection. Photo Credit: Esther's Nail Center And, stay tuned over the coming weeks for updates to that page - I'll be linking all my collection photos and nail design photos to that page so you can not only … Continue reading Gelish Collections List Updated!

Gelish List Updates

Be sure to check out my complete list of Gelish colors, now updated with the Fall collection, Sweetheart Squadron, on the Gelish Collections List page! I'm looking for ideas about how to make this page more useful, so if there is something you would like to see please leave a comment below.

Gelish collections list updated

My list of all Gelish (US) collections has been updated with information for the Very-Naut-ical Girl and Street Beat collections. Check it out!

New Gelish Collection: A Very Naut-ical Girl

The new Gelish summer collection was announced in the May issues of Nails Magazine and Nailpro. It's called "A Very Naut-ical Girl" and consists of four sailing/beach-inspired colors: Girls Love Buoys (magenta) My Yacht, My Rules! (white) Catch My Drift (cobalt) Wish Upon a Starboard (red) As  with the last two limited edition spring/summer Gelish collections, these are … Continue reading New Gelish Collection: A Very Naut-ical Girl

New Gelish Collection for Summer 2016: Street Beat

I can hardly believe we're talking about summer already, considering that I am typing this on the first day of spring.  But I always do enjoy having something to look forward to, and this collection is definitely one of those things!  Gelish recently announced that their summer collection will be called Street Beat, and made a … Continue reading New Gelish Collection for Summer 2016: Street Beat

Thanks, Gelish MINI!

A big thank you to the Gelish MINI Facebook page for featuring my nail art!

Gelish After Hours Collection…

The Gelish After Hours collection is gorgeous!  I just finished swatching mine and, if you love glitter, there are some stunners in this collection for you. Why, oh why, Hand and Nail Harmony, would you only sell this in the UK? So glad we have a little thing called the World Wide Web!! I was … Continue reading Gelish After Hours Collection…

Gelish List Updated

A bit of housekeeping news here:  My list of Gelish colors and SKU#s is updated with the Spring 2016 Botanical Awakenings Collection. You'll see that it also has information for the Winter 2015 UK-Only After Hours Collection, since I bought this collection online and needed to update the list for my use.    Check back … Continue reading Gelish List Updated

New Gelish Spring 2016 collection

Gelish recently released a sneak preview of the Spring 2016 collection, called "Botanical Awakenings," on Take a look at the video! !