On this blog you’ll find a lot of posts about nail art or fitness, because those are two things that I’ve always loved.  I also like to write about other random stuff, but never anything too deep.  If you’re looking for my opinions on religion, politics, and the meaning of life, that’s something we can discuss privately.  I want to keep this blog light-hearted and fun.  There is too much drama and heartache in the world already; this is not a forum for me to add to it.

About the author:

Christian, dedicated wife, ISTJ. MBA student @ Rutgers University. Licensed nail technician, Gelish hoarder. Fitness enthusiast, ACE® certified Group Fitness Instructor. Sociologist and researcher.  Amateur musician.  Fanson for life. Minimalist. Chocoholic.

Check out my nail designs on Tumblr at smokeandmirrorsnailblog or at my Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery. I’ve been a licensed Nail Technician in the Commonwealth of Virginia (USA) for almost 15 years, and my designs have been featured in Nail Art Gallery magazine.

One thought on “About

  1. Yes! Someone else is into fitness and nails. New to the gel polish scene, but am liking it. Love your artwork.

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