Book Review: Superhealth


In Superhealth, author Steven Pratt, MD focuses mostly on how what you eat affects your health, while also touching on the big picture of health by including sleep, exercise, supplementation, etc.  Dr. Pratt discuses the diseases that modern, first-world man faces, such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke, to lay the foundation for his pro-healthy diet and exercise plan arguments. He includes a helpful, albeit upside-down, SuperHealth Food Pyramid, which summarizes his diet plan from sweets at the bottom triangle to fruits and veggies at the top quadrilaterals.

The main thrust of the book is Dr. Pratt’s six week/six step plan that the reader can use to re-vamp their diet and lifestyle week-by-week. Step 1 is to bring out the best in your genes by incorporating more omega-3s, vitamin D and resveratrol into  your diet.  Step 2 is to detox your body by eating naturally detoxifying foods and avoiding environmental toxins.  Step 3 is the step that most people jump to first- the diet and exercise part.  Dr Pratt recommends consuming more vegetables and whole grains along with some mild but consistent exercise.  Step 4 ties in nicely with Step 3, explaining what you can eat to control inflammation.  It seems that steps 5 and 6 would more advanced steps for people just starting out on their new lifestyle plan, as they cover foods you can eat to improve appearance and preserve your brain and your senses.

The final sections of this book serve as a handy reference guide for the reader as they transition into a healthier lifestyle, such as a daily planner and food lists.

Overall I think this book was well-written and helpful as a guide for those starting out, as well as those needing more encouragement on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The layout makes sense for the logically-minded types who would like a week-by-week plan, but I believe the length of each Step could be tailored to the reader’s needs.    The information provided in the book is well-researched but likely nothing the well-informed reader hasn’t heard before. Therefore, I’d recommend this book for those beginning to be interested improving their health through lifestyle change, who are ready to make steady progress week-by-week and would like a guide to spell it out for them.

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