Testing Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

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It’s pretty rare these days for me not to have a Gelish enhancement product on my nails but when I don’t, I like to try new products.  Last year I tried out Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, since that seemed like the hot product at the time. This time I’m testing an older product that gets great reviews online – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails® Hardener.

Image from SallyHansen.com

This product is a signature product from the Sally Hansen brand, created by the founder Sally herself back in the 1950’s. I’d not tried it myself, even back in my early DIY days, so why not now?

A couple weeks ago I trimmed my nails back, so I’m working with fairly short nails. I’ve applied two coats to my natural nails.  They results are a nice, clean look, and the product applied easily, just like polish.

My plan is to test how well this product protects the natural nails, as well as how it can work under gel polish. I’m using the natural tint hardener for my testing, which cost $2.59 (including tax) at my local Walmart.  So far, the product gets high marks for being readily available, affordable, and easy to apply. (If you can’t find it near you or hate analog shopping, you can get it for about $5 online.)

This post is just an intro to my series about Hard as Nails hardener. Stay tuned for the results of my 1 week test soon!

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