Editor’s Picks collection dupes??

With this spring collection, Editor’s Picks, Gelish added to their lineup of neutrals.

The Color of PetalsOver the last few years we’ve seen other brands release entire collections of neutrals,so it was about time Gelish joined in the fun. The closest they came prior to this was spring 2019 with the Color of Petals collection.  However, this collection did have a shimmer polish in the mix, and all the colors were more opaque.

For the Editor’s Picks collection we have some sheer polishes, and none with a shimmer.  The more I work with the colors in this collection, the more I love them.Editors Picks Collection

I took some time to look for duplicates within the existing Gelish colors, but couldn’t find any true dupes. Here are the closest I found:




For Going Vogue, the closest I could find what Merci Bouquet, which is still quite a bit lighter and not at all the same.






For It’s Your Mauve, the closest colors I could find were:

  • She’s My Beauty
  • Mauvy Mauve
  • Hollywood’s Sweetheart

These were all very close, though Hollywood’s Sweetheart has more pink and Mauvy-Mauve seems darker than It’s Your Mauve.




Danicing and Romancing and I Speak Chic are very close, though I Speak Chic is obviously pinker in good lighting.







Finally, it was difficult to find anything very similar to CallMyBlush.  As you can see, American Beauty is much lighter and N-ice Girls Rule is more pink.

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