The best nail colors for summer 2019… (Part 1)

Contains affiliate links.

… according to InStyle magazine.

We’re back with another non-scientific, just-for-fun post: this time about trendy summer colors.  Whether you’re an on-trend polish wearer or you just wear what you like, hopefully you get some ideas for your next manicure here!

Their list is pretty good, but it’s all traditional nail polish – so 15 years ago.  Let’s update it to 2019 standards with some comparable Gelish gel polishes!

Their suggestion:

“… lavender shade has a subtle metallic finish. Yeah, it’s going to look amazing…”

From Gelish:

All the Queen’s Bling from the 2018 Spring Royal Temptations collection

S&M 3 March 2018 B

Their suggestion:

“Instead of using Wite-Out to paint your nails, we now have every shade of white imaginable…”

From Gelish:

Magic Within (AKA Potts of Tea) from the Spring 2017 Gelish Beauty and the Beast collection


Their suggestion:

“Bright fuchsia nails and summer basically go hand-in-hand.”

From Gelish:

Woke Up This Way from the Summer 2017 Gelish Selfie collection

S&M 6 August 2017 B

Their suggestion:

“…bright shades have basically become neutrals at this point, so you might as well embrace the trend by wearing slime green on your nails.”

From Gelish:

Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Glow from the Summer 2013 Gelish All About the Glow collection

Gelish collection 006

Their suggestion:

“The color of that sandy beach you wish you were laying on, but make it chic.”

From Gelish:

Tan My Hide from the Gelish Urban Cowgirl Fall 2015 collection

Gelish collection 004

Their suggestion:

“…a creamy pastel mix of yellow, last summer’s most popular polish, with this year’s trendy neon shades.”

From Gelish:

A Tribe Called Cool from the Gelish Just for You Collection

S&M 14 August 2018 A


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